Polished and exclusive, refined and sophisticated, prestigious and never extreme: in every piece we choose, in every creation we design, in every project we curate, we only want to give joy to our clients, answering the unique guidance we lay down on our creativity, the culture of beauty and style.


Competence and passion come together in a global project under the sign of beauty and elegance. From interior design to goods for individual, we choose exclusive objects for a unique and original supply. We design floral arrangement and decorative settings for commercial spaces, locations and events, both private and public.


From original bouquet and cadeaux for your sentimental situations to flower arrangings for decorating and reinventing the corners of your home. But non only: Christmas and Easter creations, settings for shops, locations and events. Our professional team makes flower the most evoking symbol, the special, fundamental and recognizable protagonist of each memorable moment.


Tabletop accessories, complemetnary furniture, taxtiles and home fragrances: in order to decorate each space in precious and sophisticated way, we offer a selection of exclusive objects, some of them available only in our showroom nationally. Our assistants will guide you in the choise, interpreting every residential and use need for everyday life or special situations.


Distinctive and authentic signs to characterize your own style. We have a polished and exclusive selection of personal products as pleasant traditional or unusual fragrances; jewels of handicraft with refined details and innovative design; cachemire products for man and woman, as well as unique accessories.


Thanks to flexible and differentiated competences of our team, we can guarantee a whole consultancy and all-around design for both interior and green design. We create your private and corporate events, taking care of all the details, from the floral arrangement and the decorative setting to the table linen, with personalized and innovative solutions.